To be eligible for a refund or reshipment, your request, complete with all the required information, must be sent to the following email address within 7 days of product delivery, (according to the date indicated by the shipper).

If the product arrives broken, defective or incorrect, please contact our customer service within 7 days of the product being delivered. The 7 days run from the delivery date indicated by the shipper.
If the request is approved, Ikonacy will reship a new product at its own expense.
You will be asked to return the damaged product, which must be returned to the address that the customer service will provide you with. The return shipping costs will be at your expense.
Any returns must be in resalable condition and in its original packaging. All accessories (including packaging) must be included in the return packaging. In case of lack of any accessory, the cost of the missing part can be charged to the customer.
When we've received the return it can take up to 5 working days to process your request and issue a refund or exchange.
Any refund is process and send back to the original form of payment with in 5 days after we receive your returned item.

Ikonacy's return and refund policy can only be applied to errors or malfunctions related to product features or specifications. No refund or return request will be accepted if the customer does not like the product received.
Refund cannot be accepted if we have sent the correct product to your customer in good condition, and as described.

In the case of undelivered products, what is indicated on the courier's website is considered authentic, so if the package is tracked as "delivered", it will not give the right to return or refund.
In case of delays caused by force majeure, national disasters, wars or any event not dependent on Ikonacy's service, no return or refund will be provided.
If your package did not arrive on time, please write to us. We'll help you!
For anything, you can contact customer service at


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